Things to do before I die

For my second re-do assignment I decided to go over my bucket list and take out/add in some things I’d like to do within the next 10 years. Originally, I did what I thought was easiest and used an automatic selection for where my pictures would go and added text underneath it. Here was the original:

For my re-do I decided to put more effort into it and make it look like something that would draw others attentions. I learned on powerpoint how to add in a translucent background to make it more appealing. If you’re looking to do this it’s super simple! You drag and drop whatever picture you’d like, click on the picture and at the top right there will be a button that says “use as theme background” and check the box that says translucent. After that I pulled all of my pictures together and reorganized them. I added in text and made sure to bold it so that it stood out to my viewers. Here is the revised project:

Relaxing Through the Crisis

For one of my re-do assignments this week I decided what better than to create a mash-up of some relaxing songs to listen to on a walk or in the bath tub while we’re quarentined in our houses. Originally, I used only a few sounds as I was rushing through this assignment and none of it really flowed together. The audio would go from super loud, to super quiet, and back to super loud. I found when I listened to it that I actually jumped because part of it scared me when it went from a super soft sound to a super loud sound. Here is my ORIGINAL piece:

For my re-do I decided to add more sounds in and make them flow together instead of just sound randomly put in. I used Garage band as that is the audio editing software that I have the most experience with. I got my sound from the White Noise app on the iPhone (this is great if you need some sort of fan or white noise when you sleep). I used the following sounds: Amazon Jungle, Ocean Waves Crashing, Beach Waves Crashing, Rain on Car Roof, Rain Storm, Frogs, and Camp Fire. Some of my favorite things to do are sit on the porch and watch thunderstorms, go to the beach, and sit around the campfire. I recorded bits of each of these sounds and used garage band to piece them together. For this, my main goal was to make the sounds flow together and not have a huge change in sound to make it more relaxing. Here’s the final product: