A not so experienced photo taker

I would say that I take a lot of pictures now, none of which are done professionally or with a ton of attention to detail. I love pictures for a number of reasons, one of which is I can try and capture a moment to the best of my ability. Yes, if it was a truly memorable memory then you could recall some of the details in your head but you could also look at a picture and bring some of those memories back to life. I have about 1,000 photos on my phone, all of which are my family, pets, friends, and life events. I take pictures most when I’m at concerts, on vacation, hanging out with my roommates, going on adventures with my family, and when my pets are just looking so cute (which is all the time). I usually don’t put a lot of effort into making sure the lighting is good and the contrast is good because it is usually just for myself and not everyone will see it. After reading the article “Becoming Better Photographers” I think one thing I could use to make my photography better would be to not just take the first shot I see. To look into the moment and focus on getting one focused picture then a bunch of semi focused pictures. I also think that after more research I could focus more on making the lighting proper in my pictures and learning how to work a camera that’s not just my phone. Here are some pictures I’ve recently taken: