Exercise and Socialize

What a fun assignment this was!! An amazing time to go outdoors and wave to our neighbors during a time where we are in such isolation. This assignment tasked us to go outdoors and take a walk down our street and make a video out of it. I used my regular iPhone camera to take the original video and then I uploaded it to something called adobe spark video. This allowed me to put a background noise in it, I chose a sound under “uplifting” to give a sound of positivity. If I was to do this again I would make it longer and maybe take a longer walk filmed  and then speed up the video. Here is the video with the background:

Six Second Art (1 1/2 stars)

Another one of my assignments was quick and simple and this was six second art. This assignment asked us to share some type of art skill that can be done in 6 seconds. This caused me to actually learn a new trick that I hadn’t known before. This is how you draw a simple rose. If I had more time and did this again I would shoot how to make the rose as well as make a field or roses and show what they could become. Here is my way of drawing a rose:

My College Memories (2 Stars)

For my second assignment from the assignment bank I chose to make a video of my favorite college memories so far. This assignment was by far one of my favorites. Not only did it allow for me to re-live some of the best times but it allowed me to explore a new app for making photos into videos. For this assignment  I used a new app called Adobe Spark Video to create my video. I granted it access to my photos app on my phone and selected  the pictures I wanted. It put them into a video and I got to choose how long they appeared for. After everything flowed together it gave me a selection of background noises to choose from. I selected “right beside you” as the background because it was very happy and felt like warm wishes. If I were to do this again I would make it so it could be more than 25 pictures. The app only let you do 25 at a time and I didn’t have enough time to learn how to merge them together. I learned more about sound effects than I ever have before doing this project.

A tutorial for my Grandma


For my last assignment I chose “Make a Tutorial for you Mom” but with a twist. I decided to take something that my grandmother always asks me how to do. My grandmother is a lovely woman but she has no idea what to do when it comes to technology. One of the things she often forgets how to do is how to save a picture that someone has sent her to her camera roll. I created a video demonstrating what to do. Words can say a lot but actually modeling and showing the steps and process that you are doing can go a long way. Due to this, I decided instead of taking a video of myself explaining to her how to do it that I would record my screen so she could see the things that I was clicking on. I did this on my phone which already has a screen record option and then sent it to my laptop where I uploaded it to YouTube.

Fond Memories

For my second assignment from the assignment bank I chose to do the “Recording a memory” assignment. This is one of my best friends Emily and I asked her about one of her favorite memories. I used my iPhone to take this video and used Airdrop to send it to my computer. From there I uploaded it to Facebook. Emily had a fond memory of a time when she volunteered at a summer camp and jumped into a river at the hours they should have been in a cabin. I loved getting to hear her story and seeing her face light up when she was talking about it. We chose this room to take the video in because it feels homey and has good lighting against the wooden walls.

A second can tell a thousand words

One of the assignments that I chose from the assignment bank for this week was to create a 1 second video clip that can tell a story. I decided to use a video that I already had and could crop to make a one second clip. This is a video of a waterfall I visited last month in the Great Smokey Mountains. I opened the video on my photos app on my iPhone and clicked edit. I then chose what second I wanted which happened to be the 5th second of my video. I chose this part of the video because it shows the rapids flowing as well as the entirety of the waterfall. I then sent the video to my computer and uploaded it to YouTube. I believe this short one second video shows the beauty of nature and natural scenery. ( 2 and 1/2 stars)