Dear Mom, Thank You For Teaching Me to Love the 80's (4 stars)

Dear Mom,

I can’t thank you enough for the amount of love and joy you have given me. You are my best friend, my role model, the first person I go to when I’m upset, and the person that I always call just to tell you how much I miss you and random things that I did during the day. One of the things that I am so appreciative of is that you taught me to love all cultures and decades. You were a teenager in the 80’s and you definitely loved to tell me all about it. Whether it was listening to some of our favorite songs of the 80’s like Hurts So Good, Jack& Diane, Man in the Mirror, or 9 to 5 because we love Dolly Parton. You taught me the fashion of the 80’s, the classic 80’s movies that we still watch today, and you introduced me to the games and technology that was used in the 80’s. I remember bringing up certain objects or games to my friends and them having no clue what it was. I can’t put into words how thankful I am for that. You made me appreciate a decade that I wasn’t even alive for. You made life about so much more than what I can see and that has helped me throughout my life. You are an amazing woman, a mom who loves her children better than we could have ever imagined. Someone who always puts her family first even when you’re struggling. Thank you for the continuous love and support you have given me even after I moved on to college. You will forever be my Momma and I will forever be your baby girl, much love. P.S.- Give the puppies lots of kisses from me.

A Letter To Myself (2 and 1/2 stars)

Dear 10 year old Kayla,

Never give up your dreams. If there is one thing that you should know it is that sometimes it’s impossible to please everyone no matter how hard you try. You are STRONG. You are SMART. You are BRAVE. Don’t waste your time hanging on every word that others say, follow your heart. Some people may question what you want to do in life and that’s okay but follow your heart and your passion. Don’t waste your time in the past, spend time in the present. You will have so many great friends in your life and they are there to lean on in times of happiness and in times of need but don’t let them determine your future. Be nice to your sister, you only get one and you will miss her a lot when you go off to college. Cherish every moment spent with your family as the time will pass way too quickly. You will grow up to be a strong, compassionate, and outgoing woman. Never be afraid to speak up and say how you feel, bottling up your emotions will cause you to get in your head and you don’t want that. Keep being the strong-willed, compassionate, outgoing soul that you are. Good luck!!

Dancing the night away ( 1 and 1/2 stars)

For this assignment I chose to relate it to our class 80’s theme. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in one of my all time favorite songs. I remember my Junior year of high school I was in a female jazz choir and we did an acapella version of this song. It really just makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs and dance around. Especially when the chorus hits and the music becomes more upbeat. It makes me feel happy and full of life.

Another (Beautiful) Day (4 stars)

We live in such a beautiful world. Yes, there may be broken things around us but there is something so simple about being able to walk outside wherever you may be and look at the trees or the clouds. I recently just booked an Air B&B in the great smokey mountains for spring break with some of my friends and I couldn’t be more excited. Being in nature is the perfect getaway for me.

Outside you will find the most imperfect yet beautiful rocks. Finding places where you can barely sit but can hold onto as you take in the beautiful world around you. You see mountains that may look small yet are so big in person. You can see some towns that look tiny yet may be huge and try and see if you can see cars that look like ants.

In the summertime you can see the most beautiful sunny days. Filled with clear water, a bright sky, and green trees. You see the smiling faces of friends and laughs shared with each other.

Sometimes at night you can go outside and see different colors in the sky. You can see the sun start to go down and the environment you’re in become dim. You can see venues that attract people and small businesses to come together. You can see the beautiful layers in the clouds.