Future Project Ideas

Brainstorming this week has been fun and relaxing through a hard time. It has given me time to explore fun topics and focus on more positive things. Here are a few ideas for possible topics:

  1. Movies of the 80’s: exploring different themes that are present in movies in the 80’s. How do movies relate to one another? Is there one theme that is present in the majority of 80’s films? How has the video and audio changed from then to now?

2. 80’s tv theme songs: Exploring the theme songs of the 80’s. Is there an instrument that is used in almost every theme song? How do the effects differ from then to now? What has changed over the years? What makes a theme song memorable?

3. Toys/Games in the 80s: The 80’s is known for games such as pac-man and the ┬árubik’s cube. What games are from the 80’s that are still played now? Are there any lost treasures? How do these games compare to games now?


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