Radio Show Update

This week we got the opportunity to finish our radio shows. This experience was AMAZING. Both of my group mates worked very hard with me to create something that we could all be proud of. We decided to use GarageBand because we had experience with it and it was the easiest software to blend files together. We started out my reviewing everyones commercials and bumpers. After figuring out where we would place those we tried to gain some information for our main content. We got some facts and content and attempted to write a script for some of it but quickly found that we worked best when we didn’t overthink things and just went off script. The best parts to us were the ones where we were just flowing off of each others thoughts and making connections. We loved the topic that we chose and felt we could talk about it forever so that definitely helped fuel our show!

You can listen to our finished product here:

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    1. We actually did a mix of both! We recorded small parts like commercials and bumpers online and then we recorded our main content in person so we could have a better discussion.

  1. I’ve also been using GarageBand and have like how relatively easy it is to use. I can’t wait to take a listen to your all’s show!

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