Spreading Happiness and Sunshine

This week we were challenged to do 3 daily creates but with a twist. We were challenged to connect all 3 of them and make them flow together. I chose to do 3 daily creates that had a them of happiness in the midst of this troubling time with the Coronavirus.

For the first daily create we were challenged to choose a piece of music and convince everyone that they should listen to it. While this is just a twitter cap and you can’t write much, the song itself does a lot of convincing. I chose this piece because of all of the positive and happy thoughts that Jason Mraz shares in this song (and we can all agree he’s pretty great). This song has statements like “May you be treated like an esteemed guest” and “Here’s to the good times we’re gonna have”. I truly believe that if we were all to take a break, close our eyes, and listen to this song while we’re stuck at home we would all become a little more positive, a little more happier, and want to be a little more kind to others.

I continued this theme with the second daily create which was to make a hand washing guide with a song of our choice. I used the song that I used above because what a better way to wash hands than with a happy and positive song that will make everything seem right. The editor that it gave us to use ( https://washyourlyrics.com ) was a life saver! It was so easy, you just plug in the song name and artist and it generate a poster for you.

For the last daily create, I explored a Hindu holiday named Holi. I had never heard about this holiday before so I enjoyed gaining new information. Google had a cool effect where if you typed in Holi and clicked on the colored powder bowls you could spray it all over the screen. This was so cool to me, I even told some of my friends not in the class to have fun with it. This connects to my overall theme of happiness because the colors are bright and fun. It brings simple joy just by getting to click all over your screen and see these vibrant colors go everywhere. It reminded me of Easter and the color of Easter eggs.



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