Week 1 Reflection

I struggled more than I thought through this week. I have never been a huge social media person so other than instagram and slightly twitter I hadn’t had any prior experience with them. The main issue that I kept having was that I found things didn’t publish right away or show up on the course feed directly after so I kept being panicked and thinking it didn’t go through so I kept worrying and trying to fix things that I didn’t really need to fix. The introduction post I struggled with at first because I couldn’t figure out how to properly embed my media so that it would show up automatically instead of people having to click on links. After editing the post and experimenting around I realized that I had to click enter and start a new paragraph of the post for it too embed. I was very pleased with my final product.

The hardest media I had to create was my introduction youtube video. I found this hard mainly because my computer does not have a place to record video so I was unsure how to record something to upload. I then remembered that in my death and society online class I had been using screen-o-matic which is a free screen recorder. I used that to record and save as a movie file and after that it was smooth sailing.

After this I got started on my post called “The 80’s!!”. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and found it very easy to do as I knew a lot of prior knowledge about the subject. Although I was born in the 90’s, I’ve always been a little bit of an 80’s girl at heart. I find the fashion style incredibly interesting especially how it compares to now.

This week has been trying as I’m trying to get used to how to use WordPress and my domain but I have learned a lot for the future. I have learned to ask questions when they are needed for clarification whether it’s from peers or from the instructor. I now know how to add posts to my blog, embed media, and locate others blog posts. I look forward to the semester ahead.