Week 6 Down

This week we focused on Design and how certain elements may make or break a picture. I started off the week doing my daily creates which I found to be very exciting and I learned a lot of new techniques.


After this I posted my reflection to the Brain Pickings Article. I found this assignment to be very informative when learning about the elements of design. A lot of this information was new to me and I found it very enjoyable to learn. Here are some of the things that stood out to me from the article:


Next, I went and did my assignments from the assignment bank. I had a blast with these! I have always considered myself to be creative however I had not really tried my hand at graphic design. For the majority of these assignments I used Canva because that was the design platform that I was most familiar with. You can view my assignments here:


Lastly, I went to work on my design blitz. I did this last so I could get a variety of photos throughout the week. This assignment I liked because it allowed us to use our own creative reasoning and look at the elements of design in simple signs around us. You can see my signs and elements they included here:


Overall, I enjoyed this week even though it’s not my strong suit. I loved being able to experiment with different design techniques and learn new available platforms. I can’t wait for next week.

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