Week 7 Summary

This week we have been focused on getting things prepared and put in place for our radio show assignment. This week although more laid back, proved to be slightly challenging. I want our radio show to have the best quality that it can so I’m researching new techniques trying to find the best possibilities. First I introduced the name and theme of our radio show through a logo design:

Introducing The Scrunchies

Next, I created my three assignments from the assignment bank that can add to our radio show as interactive activities and commercials:

Time to Relax

Absolute WORST Sounds

Mashup: Coldplay & The Neighborhood

I also have been keeping up with my daily creates for the week which have been very entertaining:

Week 7 Daily Creates

I rounded out the end of the week by making a blog post on our progress with our radio show. Check it out here:

The Scrunchies Radio Show Progress

Throughout commenting on others this week I have gained a new appreciation for audio projects and everyone has done a fantastic job. I’ve especially loved getting to see everyones logos. Can’t wait for next week!

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