Being Creative Daily?

This week we were challenged to get our brains following with creativity and do an assignment that the Daily create twitter page posted that day. I had a lot of fun with these as they usually didn’t take a ton of time but didn’t have straight forward rules and allowed us to interpret things.

For the first daily create that I did which was on January 19th we were challenged to create something that shared where we think that learning should go next. I chose to do mine on teacher innovation in the classroom. This topic is so important to me because as a future educator I always want to find the best ways to help my students learn. When someone hears the word “classroom” or “teaching” their minds often think books and sitting at desks. While yes these things are involved in teaching, that’s not all it is. In fact it is so much more. I would like 2020 to be the year that we change the way society views school and teaching. It can be fun, we can use cool technology to learn.

The next daily create that I did which was on January 20th challenged us to make something that was pertaining to an egg or a chicken. I thought why not make French toast I mean come on, who doesn’t love French toast? I love making French toast and eggs are what make it French toast so I saw it as very appropriate. The only struggle that I faced in this was originally my video was about 3 minutes long because I explained what I was doing as I made it. Twitter only lets you upload video that is about 1 minute and 40 seconds long. I still wanted to show the whole process and not just completely cut out the main part. A fix that I found was downloading a free editor called video short where I could adjust the speed of the video to make it go through faster while still showing all of it. This was a life saver!

The next daily create which I did on January 21st challenged us to respond to facebooks Vice President of Public Policy GIF. Essentially apple wanted to add noise to data to keep it anonymous and not send off too much data. Facebook said that wouldn’t work for them and what they do. The VP then said “We don’t do surveillance capitalism, that by definition is surreptitious; we work hard to be transparent.” This essentially means that they say they protect your privacy but also provide advertising based on other peoples preferences. This gif represents the VP making things sound like they are for the people when really that’s probably not the case.

The last daily create that I did on January 22nd challenged us to create a visual haiku. This post I made about the UC while I was waiting for a few of my friends to eat lunch. This was super fun and I love that I cold pick which location I wanted to talk about. I also like that I didn’t necessarily have to find the words for my haiku yet I could let it generate one about my location. This one was super simple!

Just Keep Dreaming (My Dream Room)

For my last assignment from the assignment bank I chose one that I have been doing for years. The assignment was to create a Pinterest board with photos of things that I would like to have in my dream bedroom. For the convenience of people reading this I will post the pictures below however if you would like to visit the full board you can do so visiting this link:

My bed! I am a sucker for a large bed with an overflowing blanket like comforter. This picture really reflects everything I would like in a bed- lots of pillows, neutral colors, a soft comforter type blanket (fuzzy: not your normal comforter). Looks like I could just jump right in it!

Yes, I am a crazy plant parent. There’s just something about living plants that really brightens up a room and makes you feel like you’re caring for something. I currently have around 4 living plants in my room that are like my little babies, I love watching them grow. Maybe because I can’t have dogs at my house?? Oh well, I’d love to have a plant corner where I can hang and place my plants near the window and keep them all in one place so I remember to water them.

Big windows!!! I am a sucker for natural light. In my dream bedroom I would love to have a big window that I could sit at and do homework or chat with friends. I’ve found that overhead lights give me really bad headaches quite often so I have always wanted to be around natural light. This setup just looks so cozy and inviting.

I don’t know about you but I love to take showers. I could take multiple a day if only my water bill wouldn’t get higher and higher. I would love to have my own attached bathroom that I could get ready in and use to relax and pamper myself when needed.

This assignment was so fun! I already had a Pinterest account so I just used my personal one and looked through pictures of what I’d like to have in my ideal bedroom.

80's Radio Commercial- Sweet Treats

For another one of my assignments I chose to make a 80’s radio commercial featuring a item of the 80’s that I choose. For this, I chose to do one of my personal favorite creations of the 80’s, the Mr. Frosty Slushy Maker. This machine was created around the same time as the EZ bake oven (who can forget that one). I chose this because I remember growing up with it in my pantry and taking it out on snow days and being one happy camper. Making this add was fun for me. I incorporated 3 different sounds that you would hear in a radio show including the classic intro bells, a drumroll, and the leaving elevator type music. I decided to upload it on Youtube, Enjoy!!

Six Eyes

For one of my assignments chosen from the assignment bank I picked something called the “Averaged Portrait”. The assignment was to take multiple photos of someone and to put them together to make an unconventional portrait. This assignment was so fun!! I got to pick the poses, how they aligned with the other pictures, what style I wanted, and how much transparency I wanted there to be between my 3 photos. How did I connect this to the theme of the 80’s? Bright neon colored clothing and scrunchies!! Lets take a look at these two trends in the 80’s:

Scrunchies~ The scrunchy was created in the 80’s by a nightclub singer who was tired of how hair ties damaged her hair. The design behind the scrunchy was actually inspired by a pair of pajama pants. Jane Reid, a huge icon in the scrunchy world coined the term “bunch bangle”. They are now becoming more and more popular after they were seen as old news for the beginning of the 2000’s.

Neon in the 80’s~ The fashion icon that started in the mid 80’s. Throughout the 80’s you saw many different colors of the rainbow whether it be a nice oversized sweatshirt or a pair of bright leggings. Not only the clothing, but things such as bright earrings and accessories to match. This took the decade by storm because it was a new trend unlike anything people had seen before. People associated it with being young, happy, and care free.

Week 1 Reflection

I struggled more than I thought through this week. I have never been a huge social media person so other than instagram and slightly twitter I hadn’t had any prior experience with them. The main issue that I kept having was that I found things didn’t publish right away or show up on the course feed directly after so I kept being panicked and thinking it didn’t go through so I kept worrying and trying to fix things that I didn’t really need to fix. The introduction post I struggled with at first because I couldn’t figure out how to properly embed my media so that it would show up automatically instead of people having to click on links. After editing the post and experimenting around I realized that I had to click enter and start a new paragraph of the post for it too embed. I was very pleased with my final product.

The hardest media I had to create was my introduction youtube video. I found this hard mainly because my computer does not have a place to record video so I was unsure how to record something to upload. I then remembered that in my death and society online class I had been using screen-o-matic which is a free screen recorder. I used that to record and save as a movie file and after that it was smooth sailing.

After this I got started on my post called “The 80’s!!”. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and found it very easy to do as I knew a lot of prior knowledge about the subject. Although I was born in the 90’s, I’ve always been a little bit of an 80’s girl at heart. I find the fashion style incredibly interesting especially how it compares to now.

This week has been trying as I’m trying to get used to how to use WordPress and my domain but I have learned a lot for the future. I have learned to ask questions when they are needed for clarification whether it’s from peers or from the instructor. I now know how to add posts to my blog, embed media, and locate others blog posts. I look forward to the semester ahead.

The 80's!!

When I think of the 80’s the first thing that I think of are the different types of music, dance, movies, and fashion styles. All throughout the 80’s we saw Michael Jackson single handedly work to rewrite the music industry. My parents used to always listen to him in the car and when I asked about the music they would say “oh, just a thing of the 80’s. As far as music goes, the genre that really was most prevalent in the time was types of dance music. Yes, this was after the disco but things such as post-disco started to become a thing. Fashion styles in the 80’s are actually somewhat reflected in our style now. Back then, men wore Polos regularly while girls tend to have worn leggings and bright colored shirts/jackets (Not to mention perms!!). Also, the notable beginning of the “scrunchy”. All three of these trends are seen now. Whether it’s more “preppy” people now who are wearing Polos or the new idea of a “VSCO” girl who wears scrunchies all the time.

Television and movies in the 80’s were spot on. I mean some of my all time favorite movies like The Breakfast Club and A Christmas Story were created in the 80’s! The most popular television show in the 80’s that comes to my mind is The Cosby Show. Beginning in 1984, The Cosby Show took television by storm airing 8 seasons until the end in 1992.

I think that 80’s is such an interesting theme for the class this semester and I think it can allow for some really great ideas. Two things that I think would be interesting to explore a little bit further would be a) how do trends back them stand to the trend now (do they have the same meaning?) and b) what current events were going on in the 80’s to influence the trends. For example, I mentioned above how men used to wear Polos back in the 80’s however in those times they were worn by all types of guys, the “nerds”, the sporty guys, the popular people, etc. Now they mainly seem to be worn by sporty or preppy guys, Why is this? I look forward to this semester and all it has to teach us!

DS 106 Intro

Hi everyone! My name is Kayla Bega, I am so excited to get to learn about everyone and work together to make the most out of this course. I am currently a Junior at the University of Mary Washington where I am a Sociology major and also in the College of Educations 5-year Masters program. My goal is to become an elementary school teacher. I look forward to all this semester has to bring!

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