There is no finish line….

The final week in this class is done and I am filled with mixed emotions. On one hand I am happy that the stress of online school is drawing to an end for now but sad that this class and it’s assignments are over. I have enjoyed the aspect of creativity in each assignment however I know that it doesn’t end here and there is no finish line. I have learned skills from this class that I will use for years to come and it has made me find new ways to be creative in my day to day life.

This week my partner Emily Howard and I went to work on our final project. Luckily, we were able to meet in person due to the fact that we’ve been quarantined together, props to everyone doing it with a partner virtually! As stated last week our topic is documenting a day of our life in quarantine. Last week we worked on writing assignments by creating journal entries about how we were feeling throughout this pandemic.

This week we wanted to introduce our two other types of media we would be using in this project, video and visual. We spent a day taking photos of things that we were doing and then shared them in order to merge them into a video. We created the video using Adobe video on an iPhone and added in background music to make it enjoyable to watch. We used a sound under the “uplifting” category in order to try and have a calming affect when viewers were watching it. We LOVE the finished product. After this we gathered photos of both positive and negative movements or issues that have began as a result of the pandemic. We wrote short paragraphs about the photos and what was being shown in them. You can view our full project here:

A Day in My Life During a Pandemic

I have really enjoyed this class and seeing everyones creative sides!




A Day in My Life During a Pandemic

Below are journal entries from Emily and I about how we have been feeling since being in quarantine:

Next, this is a video of what a day in the life of Emily and I is like during this pandemic:

When looking into how the world was taking this pandemic, we did not want to just focus on the negative but also bring some positive into what’s going on. Emily is part of a facebook group called living in lynchburg (because that is where she is from). This is a facebook group that people post city updates, closing of business, etc. Since COVID-19 started,  this group has been really helping each other out. For example, below you will see a screenshot of a picture from the page. This is one of the community members posting about a grocery store in the area having toilet paper. Since COVID-19, almost daily someone posts about what grocery stores currently have toilet paper in stock. This is how the community has been coming together and supporting each other during this hard time.

One negative thing that has come out of COVID-19, is the hoarding of groceries. People are hoarding groceries and supplies such as toilet paper, chicken, pasta, milk, eggs, etc. It has made it really hard for anyone to get supplies just to do their normal grocery shops. Also because we are running low on supplies, grocery pick services have been cancelling on people last minute. These are some pictures from grocery shops look like right now:

One more positive thing that has come out of this pandemic is the Chalk your Walk movement. This started about a month ago and the premise behind the movement is that kids are sitting at home with nothing to do, so some kids are picking up their chalk and writing encouraging messages and drawing pictures. Since more people are at home and gyms are closed, more people have been walking around their neighborhoods. These encouraging messages and drawing have been fun for kids to make and encouraging for walkers/runners in the area. It is nice that during this scary time there are still some good in this world.  

Erin Winett¬†was pleasantly surprised to find chalk drawings while on a walk in Rossmoor — such as this one thanking deliverers. “I hadn’t heard of this movement prior to seeing these,” she said. (Photo by Erin Winett)

Project Update: A Day in My Life During a Pandemic

We are so close to being done! This project seems like it is going to be super fun and give me something creative to do during this time or boredom. For this project I am working with a partner, Emily Howard. We both shared an interest in using the current pandemic as a theme for the final project so why not work together! We discussed what we wanted to do for this project and both had the same idea, make a documentation of our days in the life of the pandemic.

For our final project we are combining different types of media in order to create an accurate representation of how we have been spending our days. This project will include writing, video with audio, and visual representations. For our writing piece we will both be providing a written journal entry of how we are feeling and what we have done that day or the day before. I feel like this will really resonate with others when reading it and make it easy to connect with the project. After this we will each take a set of pictures throughout one of our days and put it into a video format. This way people can see some of the activities we are turning towards since not being able to go many places. We will place audio overtop of it to enhance it. Lastly, we will add in a visual photograph aspect as we take a look at how people are responding all over the world.

This week we came up with our ideas and got started working on our journal entries. These were fun to write as I found it was very relaxing and stress relieving to get my feelings out on paper. Emily and I both wrote our journal entries and scanned them in order to make sure they appear clearly and are able to be read. Here they are:

Next week we will have finished both of our videos and a photography segment and put them together to provide you guys with an accurate representation of our lives since the quarantine.

Can You Believe It’s Already Week 12?

Very appreciative of the low stress week this week as I think we have all been tried switching everything to online. As always, I started this week off doing my daily creates. As always, these were a super fun way to get my brain working and being creative at the beginning of the week. Here they are:

After these, I got to work on my mashups! This was such a creative way to put two things together that you wouldn’t normally. They both related to my life as one brought back childhood memories and the other was what actually happened to me this morning (Ouch!). View these to find out what happened:

Roommates Who Look Like Emojis

I Got Stung

Finally, after these I got to work on my remixes for the week. I thoroughly enjoyed these as it put a twist on all assignments and really made you think outside of the box. I had never experimented and played around with the remix button before so this was very new to me. View my posts here:

I love my pets- remix

Where’s Waldo?

I have really enjoyed reading my classmates posts and look forward to next week.

Where’s Waldo?

For my last assignment I needed a remix. I chose to do an audio assignment to get out of my comfort zone. I did an assignment that I had done in the past and really enjoyed and remixed it. This assignment was called A Collection Of Your Favorite Sounds. The remix was to add in the word Waldo to it so that it is clearly heard. In order to do this I used garage band on my laptop with some of my favorite sounds such as a cracking fire, chirping birds, and a frogs ribbit. I added in Waldo by pulling up someone pronouncing it on my phone. Let me know when you find it! From here I uploaded it to SoundCloud.


I Got Stung

For one of my mashup assignments I chose to do “Storytelling Through Text” which was worth 5 stars. This assignment challenged us to tell a story from any background but to do it through text and record the entire thing. I drew some inspiration from an event that actually happened to be this morning, getting stung by a wasp. Yep. Just my luck. I was walking into the house I nanny at with a toddler and I reached for the railing and a wasp was hanging out underneath it and my hand went right over top of him. It hurt, like a lot. For this assignment I used my iPhone as it already has a screen record option. I simply began the screen recording and went to text my friend Emily who was playing the role of my housemate. In most situations I would write a script with what we would be texting but for this assignment I chose to do it freestyle and let it be how we actually have conversations. Let me know what you think!!

I love my pets- remix

For one of my remix challenges I decided to tackle a new challenge. This original photo assignment is called “Your love for your pet (or any other animal that you love”. I LOVE animals so I immediately went to my camera roll and pulled out all the pictures of me and my furry friends. Upon clicking the remix button, my new challenge was to change the media of the assignment. I turned a visual assignment into both a video and audio assignment. I used an app called Spark Video by adobe which I discovered last week and absolutely loved. This allowed me to select my photos and put them into a video. After this I added in audio by selecting a pre-recovered track called traveling buddies (I thought this was fitting as I love traveling with my pets!). After this I saved it to my phone and uploaded it to YouTube and the rest is history!

Roommates Who Look Like Emojis

For one of the assignments from the assignment bank this week I chose to do an assignment called “Mashing Friends and Emojis” which was 4 stars. I chose this because it is something that we used to do when we were younger, try and look like an emoji and make each other guess which one we were. For this assignment, I took a picture of my roommate Emily (social distancing ya know). I asked her to do this pose because it is one of my favorites and the one I send most often haha. I saved a picture of the emoji from google on my camera roll and downloaded the Instagram Layout app. This app is great for making a collage of pictures and it gives you lots of different templates to choose from. I chose this specific layout because it allows you to see the entire picture, if they were side by side both hands wouldn’t fit and you’d be left with half of the picture. This assignment really brought back happy memories to my childhood.

Week 11 Down

This week was one of my favorite weeks! Not only did these assignments give me something to do while we’re staying at home but they were very interesting to me. I had a lot of fun making videos that I was proud of. I started this week with my daily creates which you can view here:

After this I went to work on my ideas for the next project and continued on with some really good one’s. I read a lot of amazing ideas from my classmates. After this I finally went to the assignment bank and created over 10 stars worth of assignments. These were a ton of fun and just what I needed this week. They are posted here:

Home Workout Since We Can’t Use the Gym (4 stars)

My College Memories (2 Stars)

Six Second Art (1 1/2 stars)

Exercise and Socialize

Exercise and Socialize

What a fun assignment this was!! An amazing time to go outdoors and wave to our neighbors during a time where we are in such isolation. This assignment tasked us to go outdoors and take a walk down our street and make a video out of it. I used my regular iPhone camera to take the original video and then I uploaded it to something called adobe spark video. This allowed me to put a background noise in it, I chose a sound under “uplifting” to give a sound of positivity. If I was to do this again I would make it longer and maybe take a longer walk filmed  and then speed up the video. Here is the video with the background: