Where’s Waldo?

For my last assignment I needed a remix. I chose to do an audio assignment to get out of my comfort zone. I did an assignment that I had done in the past and really enjoyed and remixed it. This assignment was called A Collection Of Your Favorite Sounds. The remix was to add in the word Waldo to it so that it is clearly heard. In order to do this I used garage band on my laptop with some of my favorite sounds such as a cracking fire, chirping birds, and a frogs ribbit. I added in Waldo by pulling up someone pronouncing it on my phone. Let me know when you find it! From here I uploaded it to SoundCloud.


Mashup: Coldplay & The Neighborhood

From the assignment bank I chose to do a song mashup. For this assignment titled “Take any two songs (similar or not) and create a mash-up” I decided to take the song Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood and Too Late To Apologize by Coldplay and overlap them. This assignment was a little more challenging for me because I haven’t had experience with overlapping music but I found it to be simple after I watched a few videos on GarageBand. If you are using garage band you may record your audio and then select “File” “New Track” and record overtop of the original audio. Enjoy!

Absolute WORST Sounds

Another assignment that I created from the assignment bank was called “Auditory Hell”. This challenged us to create a sound involving multiple of our worst favorite sounds. I also used garage band for this because it was easier to mash together all of the sound effects. This was hard for me because I literally cringed at every single sound. For this I used 4 different sounds: Nails on a chalkboard, Aggressive Chewing, Snoring, and an Alarm Clock. I thought that we could use this assignment within our radio show for an audience check. What I mean by that is to make sure the audience is still listening and they may tweet in their answer of which of the 4 sounds is the absolute worst.

Time to Relax

For one of my assignments from the assignment bank this week I chose “All the Relaxation”. This assignment challenged us to put together a piece containing some of the sounds that we find most relaxing and could listen to for hours on end. I decided to use garage band since that is the audio editor that I have had the most experience with and it was easy for me to compile sounds together. For this specific project I used 4 different sounds: Bubbles, ¬†Waterfall in the Rain Forrest, White Noise, and a Fire Burning. I chose this specific assignment because I believe that it could be cool to implement into our radio show by giving our audience a moment to meditate and clear their minds. It is not something we see often in radio shows so I thought why not now.

Jazzing Up a Quote

For my last assignment I decided to choose one called “Quote With A New Feeling”. For this assignment we were challenged to take a quote and pair it with a song in the background. I wanted to make this 80’s theme to fit our class. I chose the quote “To me, obligation is not love. Letting someone be open, honest, and free — that’s love. It’s got to come natural and it’s got to be real” by Dolly Parton. I thought the best song to pair this with was the 1987 hit I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston. This process was fairly simple! I used garage band to input my song and then recorded my voice on top of it. Here is the final product:

These are a few of my favorite things (sounds)

For another one of my picks out of the assignment bank I chose to do “A collection of your favorite sounds”. This one was super fun! I thought of a list of my favorite things and then what sounds I could use to portray them. I used a number of different free sound banks but the main one I used was ZapSplat. I used 5 favorite things: Coffee brewing, A dog barking, Rain, People Talking, and A WoodWick Candle Burning. I decided to use Garage Band since I was already familiar with overlapping sounds. I first recorded the sounds and then overlapped them. After this I exported it to SoundCloud. Here’s the finished product”

80’s Pogo Ball Commercial

From the assignment bank I chose to do an assignment called “80’s Product Radio Commercial”. This assignment was easy for me because I had just learned how to use Audacity and could find sounds easily. I started by looking through a list of products that were popular during the 80’s. After picking the Pogo Ball I wrote a short script on the product and then found a radio tuning sound and elevator music. I liked that I could write my own script. Here’s the finished product, let me know what you think!

Sound Effects Story

I found this assignment to be super fun yet challenging. As I said earlier, I have very little experience when it comes to audio recording and softwares. In fact I hate hearing myself talk and can’t work a computer to save my life. A bonus for me was that I could just use sound effects for this assignment. Although I don’t have much experience with editing software, I have a little bit of knowledge on Garage Band so for the purpose of this assignment I used that. I pulled sounds that resemble what I hear throughout most of my days. I got these sounds from the Free Sounds that our professor linked in the original assignment. My day starts off hearing an alarm clock each morning to wake me up. It is then followed by the sound (and smell) of my coffee brewing. After this my day consists of nannying a 3 year old which I chose to portray by a girl laughing. I then used a “car traffic” sound to represent me driving around running errands throughout the day. Finally, I added the noise of brushing teeth and getting ready for bed. Enjoy a day in the life of Kayla!

Radio Show Bumper

This week one of our assignments was to create a radio bumper introducing our local DS 106 radio show. This assignment was very challenging to be at first because I know very little about audio software and editing. I first watched a few videos on how to use Audacity which I will link below and went from there. I downloaded a Radio Tuning sound from http://soundbible.com/tags-radio.html to create a tuning radio effect at the beginning of my audio. After this I added in some elevator music and it was smooth sailing from there! I simply dropped my file onto Soundcloud and it almost was published instantly. Here’s the finished project, hope you enjoy!!

Here are a few videos that may help you use Audacity:

80's Radio Commercial- Sweet Treats

For another one of my assignments I chose to make a 80’s radio commercial featuring a item of the 80’s that I choose. For this, I chose to do one of my personal favorite creations of the 80’s, the Mr. Frosty Slushy Maker. This machine was created around the same time as the EZ bake oven (who can forget that one). I chose this because I remember growing up with it in my pantry and taking it out on snow days and being one happy camper. Making this add was fun for me. I incorporated 3 different sounds that you would hear in a radio show including the classic intro bells, a drumroll, and the leaving elevator type music. I decided to upload it on Youtube, Enjoy!!