80’s Pogo Ball Commercial

From the assignment bank I chose to do an assignment called “80’s Product Radio Commercial”. This assignment was easy for me because I had just learned how to use Audacity and could find sounds easily. I started by looking through a list of products that were popular during the 80’s. After picking the Pogo Ball I wrote a short script on the product and then found a radio tuning sound and elevator music. I liked that I could write my own script. Here’s the finished product, let me know what you think!

80's Radio Commercial- Sweet Treats

For another one of my assignments I chose to make a 80’s radio commercial featuring a item of the 80’s that I choose. For this, I chose to do one of my personal favorite creations of the 80’s, the Mr. Frosty Slushy Maker. This machine was created around the same time as the EZ bake oven (who can forget that one). I chose this because I remember growing up with it in my pantry and taking it out on snow days and being one happy camper. Making this add was fun for me. I incorporated 3 different sounds that you would hear in a radio show including the classic intro bells, a drumroll, and the leaving elevator type music. I decided to upload it on Youtube, Enjoy!!