Be My Valentine?

For my last design assignment from the assignment bank I chose to create a valentines day card. I chose to do this with a twist including our class theme of the 80’s. For this assignment I used Canva since I already had some previous experience using it. I selected a template that already existed, deleted some words and effects that I didn’t want, and added in my own picture and text. I decided to use my 80’s theme and make the valentine of Cyndi Lauper saying “I love you a Lauper” on it. This design showed me the detail needed to achieve a solid piece of work. I think the blue and pink represent valentines day well and communicate the message of the card.

80’s License Plate

For this assignment from the assignment bank I chose to design my own license plate. I wanted to make this 80’s themed to fit our overall class them. As you can tell this is not your average license plate. Instead of a bright or pearly white as the background I decided to use a more antique looking dirty cream color. I also chose this design and the orange because I feel that it creates an older looking feel. For this specific assignment I used a website that already existed to create a license plate. You can get to the website using this link. It is fairly easy to do and you can start from scratch or build upon existing templates.

Bega’s Bagels

For my next assignment from the assignment bank I chose to create my own logo. This was super fun for me! I have always been a coffee and bagel lover so why not create my own little shop. For this design I also decided to use Canva as my design platform. This website/app is super easy to create different types of fonts and colors. I started by thinking of what kind of company I would want to design my logo for. Next I had to pick a font that would capture my readers attention. I chose to put it in bold to emphasize the name of the company. I feel that the blue color is inviting and simple.

Here Comes the Bride

For one of my projects from the assignment bank this week I chose to design my wedding invitation. I chose this assignment for many reasons. Mainly, like a lot of people I have dreamed about my wedding since a little girl. Pinterest boards, girl talk, watching weddings, and everything in between. I also chose this because I have a lot of experience using Canva as a design platform. I am also a lover of the bachelor so I’m marrying Ben Higgins (If you know, you know). I chose the geometric pattern and the flowers to draw attention to the middle words. I created it where the names were bigger and bolded so that the reader immediately knows who is getting married. I think that the colors are very inviting and fit the appropriate wedding theme with the flowers.