The 80's!!

When I think of the 80’s the first thing that I think of are the different types of music, dance, movies, and fashion styles. All throughout the 80’s we saw Michael Jackson single handedly work to rewrite the music industry. My parents used to always listen to him in the car and when I asked about the music they would say “oh, just a thing of the 80’s. As far as music goes, the genre that really was most prevalent in the time was types of dance music. Yes, this was after the disco but things such as post-disco started to become a thing. Fashion styles in the 80’s are actually somewhat reflected in our style now. Back then, men wore Polos regularly while girls tend to have worn leggings and bright colored shirts/jackets (Not to mention perms!!). Also, the notable beginning of the “scrunchy”. All three of these trends are seen now. Whether it’s more “preppy” people now who are wearing Polos or the new idea of a “VSCO” girl who wears scrunchies all the time.

Television and movies in the 80’s were spot on. I mean some of my all time favorite movies like The Breakfast Club and A Christmas Story were created in the 80’s! The most popular television show in the 80’s that comes to my mind is The Cosby Show. Beginning in 1984, The Cosby Show took television by storm airing 8 seasons until the end in 1992.

I think that 80’s is such an interesting theme for the class this semester and I think it can allow for some really great ideas. Two things that I think would be interesting to explore a little bit further would be a) how do trends back them stand to the trend now (do they have the same meaning?) and b) what current events were going on in the 80’s to influence the trends. For example, I mentioned above how men used to wear Polos back in the 80’s however in those times they were worn by all types of guys, the “nerds”, the sporty guys, the popular people, etc. Now they mainly seem to be worn by sporty or preppy guys, Why is this? I look forward to this semester and all it has to teach us!