I Got Stung

For one of my mashup assignments I chose to do “Storytelling Through Text” which was worth 5 stars. This assignment challenged us to tell a story from any background but to do it through text and record the entire thing. I drew some inspiration from an event that actually happened to be this morning, getting stung by a wasp. Yep. Just my luck. I was walking into the house I nanny at with a toddler and I reached for the railing and a wasp was hanging out underneath it and my hand went right over top of him. It hurt, like a lot. For this assignment I used my iPhone as it already has a screen record option. I simply began the screen recording and went to text my friend Emily who was playing the role of my housemate. In most situations I would write a script with what we would be texting but for this assignment I chose to do it freestyle and let it be how we actually have conversations. Let me know what you think!!

Roommates Who Look Like Emojis

For one of the assignments from the assignment bank this week I chose to do an assignment called “Mashing Friends and Emojis” which was 4 stars. I chose this because it is something that we used to do when we were younger, try and look like an emoji and make each other guess which one we were. For this assignment, I took a picture of my roommate Emily (social distancing ya know). I asked her to do this pose because it is one of my favorites and the one I send most often haha. I saved a picture of the emoji from google on my camera roll and downloaded the Instagram Layout app. This app is great for making a collage of pictures and it gives you lots of different templates to choose from. I chose this specific layout because it allows you to see the entire picture, if they were side by side both hands wouldn’t fit and you’d be left with half of the picture. This assignment really brought back happy memories to my childhood.