I Got Stung

For one of my mashup assignments I chose to do “Storytelling Through Text” which was worth 5 stars. This assignment challenged us to tell a story from any background but to do it through text and record the entire thing. I drew some inspiration from an event that actually happened to be this morning, getting stung by a wasp. Yep. Just my luck. I was walking into the house I nanny at with a toddler and I reached for the railing and a wasp was hanging out underneath it and my hand went right over top of him. It hurt, like a lot. For this assignment I used my iPhone as it already has a screen record option. I simply began the screen recording and went to text my friend Emily who was playing the role of my housemate. In most situations I would write a script with what we would be texting but for this assignment I chose to do it freestyle and let it be how we actually have conversations. Let me know what you think!!