Blitz Fun

Welcome to my photo blitz! At first I was very confused with this assignment but upon talking to others in the class I decided it could be fun!

(1) Confusion- Take a picture of confusion: Here’s a picture of my friend Emily when she was confused about an assignment. HCC doesn’t have the best lighting sometimes but it gets the work done.

(2) Can graffiti be beautiful? Let your photo make a statement. For this I chose to run outside and take a picture of the rock. A staple on the UMW campus. In my opinion it is beautiful no matter what design is on it because it is a place where each campus club can update and encourage people.

(3) A photo that communicates a abandoned or discarded feeling: A picture showing how when something is unwanted it is often ripped up and thrown away.

(4) Make a photograph of a plastic object: For this one I decided to use a picture of a simple object that we use daily, soap. I really wanted to get the plastic as well as the color of the soap inside so I put it on the window and got the sunlight shining through it

(5) Illustrate attraction in a photograph today: The bachelor! A world watched show that tries to illustrate the process of love. My friends and I also watch the bachelor and although its almost all drama filled, some scenes can depict love.

(6) Make a photo of a scene looking out a window: My view from the HCC! Here you see how rainy and gross it is outside and how people don’t want to be there!

(7) Take a photo of something dominated by a single color: Looking around where I was I realized I was sitting in a space that was dominated by blue. The seat was blue, the words on my screen were blue, and the foot rest was blue.

Once I started doing this activity I thought it was very fun to see how you can mold your environment into different aspects of a picture. I definitely procrastinated on it a little bit because I didn’t think I knew what to do but once it was done I felt a lot better.