My College Memories (2 Stars)

For my second assignment from the assignment bank I chose to make a video of my favorite college memories so far. This assignment was by far one of my favorites. Not only did it allow for me to re-live some of the best times but it allowed me to explore a new app for making photos into videos. For this assignment  I used a new app called Adobe Spark Video to create my video. I granted it access to my photos app on my phone and selected  the pictures I wanted. It put them into a video and I got to choose how long they appeared for. After everything flowed together it gave me a selection of background noises to choose from. I selected “right beside you” as the background because it was very happy and felt like warm wishes. If I were to do this again I would make it so it could be more than 25 pictures. The app only let you do 25 at a time and I didn’t have enough time to learn how to merge them together. I learned more about sound effects than I ever have before doing this project.