Six Eyes

For one of my assignments chosen from the assignment bank I picked something called the “Averaged Portrait”. The assignment was to take multiple photos of someone and to put them together to make an unconventional portrait. This assignment was so fun!! I got to pick the poses, how they aligned with the other pictures, what style I wanted, and how much transparency I wanted there to be between my 3 photos. How did I connect this to the theme of the 80’s? Bright neon colored clothing and scrunchies!! Lets take a look at these two trends in the 80’s:

Scrunchies~ The scrunchy was created in the 80’s by a nightclub singer who was tired of how hair ties damaged her hair. The design behind the scrunchy was actually inspired by a pair of pajama pants. Jane Reid, a huge icon in the scrunchy world coined the term “bunch bangle”. They are now becoming more and more popular after they were seen as old news for the beginning of the 2000’s.

Neon in the 80’s~ The fashion icon that started in the mid 80’s. Throughout the 80’s you saw many different colors of the rainbow whether it be a nice oversized sweatshirt or a pair of bright leggings. Not only the clothing, but things such as bright earrings and accessories to match. This took the decade by storm because it was a new trend unlike anything people had seen before. People associated it with being young, happy, and care free.