I love my pets- remix

For one of my remix challenges I decided to tackle a new challenge. This original photo assignment is called “Your love for your pet (or any other animal that you love”. I LOVE animals so I immediately went to my camera roll and pulled out all the pictures of me and my furry friends. Upon clicking the remix button, my new challenge was to change the media of the assignment. I turned a visual assignment into both a video and audio assignment. I used an app called Spark Video by adobe which I discovered last week and absolutely loved. This allowed me to select my photos and put them into a video. After this I added in audio by selecting a pre-recovered track called traveling buddies (I thought this was fitting as I love traveling with my pets!). After this I saved it to my phone and uploaded it to YouTube and the rest is history!

Pop Star Out of Place 80’s edition (3 and 1/2 stars)

For this assignment I chose to use 80’s icon Cyndi Lauper and put her on a stage that she is not quite used to singing on, Disney World! First I took a picture of her and traced it to create a cut out that I could then paste on top of another picture.

Here is the original photo for reference:

Need to do now!! (Bucket List- 2 stars)

Welcome to my bucket list! For this I used Powerpoint to create a template where I could label my photos and display them in a pleasing manner. After making it I simply took a screenshot and embedded it into this post. I would love to go skydiving sometime (I almost went last year but it is a lot of $$$ let me tell ya). I have done a few 5Ks but never a color run and it looks so fun! Dan and Shay are my absolute favorite singers and I am seeing them next month so it soon will be a check off of my bucket list! Lastly, I would love to visit Hawaii even if it’s just a few days. I have heard so many great things about it.