Another (Beautiful) Day (4 stars)

We live in such a beautiful world. Yes, there may be broken things around us but there is something so simple about being able to walk outside wherever you may be and look at the trees or the clouds. I recently just booked an Air B&B in the great smokey mountains for spring break with some of my friends and I couldn’t be more excited. Being in nature is the perfect getaway for me.

Outside you will find the most imperfect yet beautiful rocks. Finding places where you can barely sit but can hold onto as you take in the beautiful world around you. You see mountains that may look small yet are so big in person. You can see some towns that look tiny yet may be huge and try and see if you can see cars that look like ants.

In the summertime you can see the most beautiful sunny days. Filled with clear water, a bright sky, and green trees. You see the smiling faces of friends and laughs shared with each other.

Sometimes at night you can go outside and see different colors in the sky. You can see the sun start to go down and the environment you’re in become dim. You can see venues that attract people and small businesses to come together. You can see the beautiful layers in the clouds.