2nd week in the 80's

This week was fun! I feel like we got to be more creative and interpret daily creates/ assignment banks however we wanted. I went out of order this week and started off with personalizing my blog and making it really reflect me. I chose to use a plant theme as my cover because I am such a plant mom and love the vibe that they give off. I named my blog Kayla’s corner because I feel like it represents an 80’s themed talk show. In blue because that’s my favorite color. I added a photo of myself in the margins and allowed viewers to quickly get to my top 5 posts. I also included a search bar so if someone was visiting my site looking for something specific, they could quickly find it using the search bar.

Next, I got to work on my daily creates. Now obviously I couldn’t do these all at the same time since we were assigned to do them the day that they were posted so I decided to make a blog post that contains all 4 of my daily creates. Please click the post above to see a more in depth summary of the posts. My favorite one was when I had an excuse to spontaneously make French toast!

Throughout the week I have worked on 3 different assignments from the assignment bank which are linked above. I really enjoyed these assignments. I chose the Pinterest assignment because it is a type of social media that I had already had experience with and would have fun doing. The “Six Eyes” post was also very fun to do! Although I struggled a little at first trying to overlay photos I quickly learned the easy way to do it and had fun with it. My 80’s radio commercial was fun because I got to experiment with different sounds and really make it my own. I also got to talk about an item that I grew up having in my house so it allowed me to put in my love for it as well.