A Day in My Life During a Pandemic

Below are journal entries from Emily and I about how we have been feeling since being in quarantine:

Next, this is a video of what a day in the life of Emily and I is like during this pandemic:

When looking into how the world was taking this pandemic, we did not want to just focus on the negative but also bring some positive into what’s going on. Emily is part of a facebook group called living in lynchburg (because that is where she is from). This is a facebook group that people post city updates, closing of business, etc. Since COVID-19 started,  this group has been really helping each other out. For example, below you will see a screenshot of a picture from the page. This is one of the community members posting about a grocery store in the area having toilet paper. Since COVID-19, almost daily someone posts about what grocery stores currently have toilet paper in stock. This is how the community has been coming together and supporting each other during this hard time.

One negative thing that has come out of COVID-19, is the hoarding of groceries. People are hoarding groceries and supplies such as toilet paper, chicken, pasta, milk, eggs, etc. It has made it really hard for anyone to get supplies just to do their normal grocery shops. Also because we are running low on supplies, grocery pick services have been cancelling on people last minute. These are some pictures from grocery shops look like right now:

One more positive thing that has come out of this pandemic is the Chalk your Walk movement. This started about a month ago and the premise behind the movement is that kids are sitting at home with nothing to do, so some kids are picking up their chalk and writing encouraging messages and drawing pictures. Since more people are at home and gyms are closed, more people have been walking around their neighborhoods. These encouraging messages and drawing have been fun for kids to make and encouraging for walkers/runners in the area. It is nice that during this scary time there are still some good in this world.  

Erin Winett¬†was pleasantly surprised to find chalk drawings while on a walk in Rossmoor — such as this one thanking deliverers. “I hadn’t heard of this movement prior to seeing these,” she said. (Photo by Erin Winett)

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