Being Creative Daily?

This week we were challenged to get our brains following with creativity and do an assignment that the Daily create twitter page posted that day. I had a lot of fun with these as they usually didn’t take a ton of time but didn’t have straight forward rules and allowed us to interpret things.

For the first daily create that I did which was on January 19th we were challenged to create something that shared where we think that learning should go next. I chose to do mine on teacher innovation in the classroom. This topic is so important to me because as a future educator I always want to find the best ways to help my students learn. When someone hears the word “classroom” or “teaching” their minds often think books and sitting at desks. While yes these things are involved in teaching, that’s not all it is. In fact it is so much more. I would like 2020 to be the year that we change the way society views school and teaching. It can be fun, we can use cool technology to learn.

The next daily create that I did which was on January 20th challenged us to make something that was pertaining to an egg or a chicken. I thought why not make French toast I mean come on, who doesn’t love French toast? I love making French toast and eggs are what make it French toast so I saw it as very appropriate. The only struggle that I faced in this was originally my video was about 3 minutes long because I explained what I was doing as I made it. Twitter only lets you upload video that is about 1 minute and 40 seconds long. I still wanted to show the whole process and not just completely cut out the main part. A fix that I found was downloading a free editor called video short where I could adjust the speed of the video to make it go through faster while still showing all of it. This was a life saver!

The next daily create which I did on January 21st challenged us to respond to facebooks Vice President of Public Policy GIF. Essentially apple wanted to add noise to data to keep it anonymous and not send off too much data. Facebook said that wouldn’t work for them and what they do. The VP then said “We don’t do surveillance capitalism, that by definition is surreptitious; we work hard to be transparent.” This essentially means that they say they protect your privacy but also provide advertising based on other peoples preferences. This gif represents the VP making things sound like they are for the people when really that’s probably not the case.

The last daily create that I did on January 22nd challenged us to create a visual haiku. This post I made about the UC while I was waiting for a few of my friends to eat lunch. This was super fun and I love that I cold pick which location I wanted to talk about. I also like that I didn’t necessarily have to find the words for my haiku yet I could let it generate one about my location. This one was super simple!