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This week we were challenged to carry around our phones and take pictures of signs that we saw. I feel that at first I was being too picky about what signs I decided to take a picture of so I decided to take one walk from my house to my classroom at school and use the signs that I would pass along the way. Many of these are street signs and signs that you would see near a construction zone (this construction on Sunken really sucks). I added all of my pictures to an instagram post.

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The first picture is a picture of a poster in my Qualitative classroom that reviews The Language of Spatial Analysis. I chose this picture to represents form, function, and message. The form being the visible shape and configuration of this poster is very engaging. It is brightly colored, the shape of the poster is not going in only one direction, and it is very easy to pick up the main points. This poster definitely serves a purpose as it is intended to serve a purpose to the community of Mary Washington students.

The next sign I found on my walk to the school. This is a simple detour sign due to all of the current construction on Sunken Rd. Although simple, the color in this is what I want to focus on. The bright pop of orange that makes it reflective and easy to see from far away. Orange is very eye catching and has a sense of urgency.

My next picture is of the Mary Washington College sign at the Monroe entrance. It is a staple at our campus. I chose this picture to represent minimalism. It has only three simple words yet it has a huge presence. The simplicity surrounding it is small.

The last picture I took was of the University of Mary Washingtons statement of community values. I chose this to display typography. Typography is the technique of making a written language legible and easy to read. This picture is written to be read left to right and has specific words bolded and colored so that they stand out to the reader as a main point.

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  1. I like the Spatial Analysis poster. The use of size contrast, color, and line work to create a sense of depth, implying space, as a visual metaphor.

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