How Can Photos Tell A Story?

After Reading all of the assigned articles I am going to share a few of my thoughts here:

Background: The Background of a picture can really tell a story. In reading the article on the best street photography it became very apparent that the background displayed the environment and put together the entire context of the story. The people who aren’t present at the time of the photo don’t know the situation so it’s important for the photographer to capture that.

Contrast: What is contrast? It’s the difference in color that makes it able to recognize an object or environment. Contrast can change the mood of the picture which I observed in our Buzzfeed article. Usually, the higher the contrast the easier it is to create texture and make things stand out in a photo. The lower the contrast the more enchanted dreamy look it usually has.

Depth: n photography, depth refers to the difference in distance between objects in a given picture. Why is this important? It first off makes the picture more interesting and people want to be there. You can make someone feel like they are part of a scene rather than just seeing it.

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