Into the World of Design

Immediately the Brain Pickings article got me thinking about how everything around me is specifically created. Even if we may not think about it all the time, there is always a reasoning behind the design of a building, a toy, a product, etc. I think about a good coffee mug, the design is what makes it good to us. The way that it’s molded, the colors, the size, and the patterns.

I really enjoyed learning about graphic design as I do not have much background knowledge on it. It is the purpose for combining the words, pictures, colors, etc.

One of the links that I chose to follow from this page was looking at the distinction between art and design. It discusses how design isn’t art, but it’s an answer to a question. A design must have an audience in order to exist yet art is created to later attract an audience. It also explains the notion of what it means to lose yourself in your work. To find some much joy in what you’re doing that it no longer seems like work anymore. That’s why being passionate about anything that you’re doing is so important.

As a future educator, I also decided to follow a link that talked about what “writing for children” should be like. The quote in this link basically explains that a child needs to enjoy reading to learn how to do it. They need to be able to read books that they are interested in and are at their level. Books that are engaging to them.

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