Just Keep Dreaming (My Dream Room)

For my last assignment from the assignment bank I chose one that I have been doing for years. The assignment was to create a Pinterest board with photos of things that I would like to have in my dream bedroom. For the convenience of people reading this I will post the pictures below however if you would like to visit the full board you can do so visiting this link: https://pin.it/km4zxz3rdnyh5e

My bed! I am a sucker for a large bed with an overflowing blanket like comforter. This picture really reflects everything I would like in a bed- lots of pillows, neutral colors, a soft comforter type blanket (fuzzy: not your normal comforter). Looks like I could just jump right in it!

Yes, I am a crazy plant parent. There’s just something about living plants that really brightens up a room and makes you feel like you’re caring for something. I currently have around 4 living plants in my room that are like my little babies, I love watching them grow. Maybe because I can’t have dogs at my house?? Oh well, I’d love to have a plant corner where I can hang and place my plants near the window and keep them all in one place so I remember to water them.

Big windows!!! I am a sucker for natural light. In my dream bedroom I would love to have a big window that I could sit at and do homework or chat with friends. I’ve found that overhead lights give me really bad headaches quite often so I have always wanted to be around natural light. This setup just looks so cozy and inviting.

I don’t know about you but I love to take showers. I could take multiple a day if only my water bill wouldn’t get higher and higher. I would love to have my own attached bathroom that I could get ready in and use to relax and pamper myself when needed.

This assignment was so fun! I already had a Pinterest account so I just used my personal one and looked through pictures of what I’d like to have in my ideal bedroom.