Project Update: A Day in My Life During a Pandemic

We are so close to being done! This project seems like it is going to be super fun and give me something creative to do during this time or boredom. For this project I am working with a partner, Emily Howard. We both shared an interest in using the current pandemic as a theme for the final project so why not work together! We discussed what we wanted to do for this project and both had the same idea, make a documentation of our days in the life of the pandemic.

For our final project we are combining different types of media in order to create an accurate representation of how we have been spending our days. This project will include writing, video with audio, and visual representations. For our writing piece we will both be providing a written journal entry of how we are feeling and what we have done that day or the day before. I feel like this will really resonate with others when reading it and make it easy to connect with the project. After this we will each take a set of pictures throughout one of our days and put it into a video format. This way people can see some of the activities we are turning towards since not being able to go many places. We will place audio overtop of it to enhance it. Lastly, we will add in a visual photograph aspect as we take a look at how people are responding all over the world.

This week we came up with our ideas and got started working on our journal entries. These were fun to write as I found it was very relaxing and stress relieving to get my feelings out on paper. Emily and I both wrote our journal entries and scanned them in order to make sure they appear clearly and are able to be read. Here they are:

Next week we will have finished both of our videos and a photography segment and put them together to provide you guys with an accurate representation of our lives since the quarantine.

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