Reflection on 80’s Crime Show

This week I got an opportunity to listen to the class radio shows on Wednesday night. I would specifically like to talk about the first show on 80’s crime.

This show was excellent! It started with Henry Lee Lucas, a serial killer from Blacksburg Va. He was arrested in 1960 for 10 years and then was let out for overpopulation (Isn’t that CRAZY!!). He was then again arrested in 1983 and by then he had over 600 murders. He was abused from his parents at a very young age and his mother was a prostitute which I’m sure played a part in a lot of trauma. I really liked in this section when they added in a short part of a movie at the end to show how he was portrayed, it really let us as the listeners feel like we have an understanding of the type of person he was.

One thing that they did very excellently in this was match the content of the commercials  to the content of the show. This is something that kind of just blew past my mind when recording our show and I wish we had done it. This group used things like self defense classes as their ads and it fit into the show very nicely.

Next they spoke on Richard Ramirez, another serial killer in the 80’s. The part that stood out the most in this was the small clips of interviews from different documentaries that were made about him. As the listener, I felt that I could gain a deeper understanding of his verbal language.

After this came Pablo Escobar who I had a small amount of background knowledge on. Like mentioned throughout the radio show, Netflix released a documentary called NARCOS. The thing that I find interesting is that unlike some of these other serial killers, Pablo had a very normal childhood. He grew up in a middle class background with a loving family. As he grew up he began getting involved in some of the wrong things and was focused on having a name that is well known.

Last but not least comes Jeffrey Dahmer, a name that I have heard before but knew nothing about. He committed murder and dismembered 17 different men and boys. Throughout his trail they classified him as legally sane but he had borderline personality disorder and a psychotic disorder.

This group overall did a great job. They did a very good job at editing everything to flow together and make it sound like a very well put together show. I loved that the commercials were on things that match their content and that they included clips from documentaries and movies. Two improvements that I believe could make this radio show even better was at some points the audio was going in and out and some things were hard to hear (we struggled with this as well) and at some other points there were very long pauses between people and I couldn’t tell if the show accidentally got cut off.

Listening to my own show live was very awkward. I don’t like listening to my own voice, in fact when we first recorded it and had to play it over to make sure it flowed together I kept zoning it out because I didn’t like the sound. After listening to it and some of the other shows I think there are two things that could have improved our show. We could have used beauty products as all of our commercials to better match our theme. I also think that we struggled a lot with volume throughout our show, whether it was being too loud at times or having things that were very quiet and hard to hear.


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