Sound Creates Mood

Most people when they think of audio or movies they think big picture and the loudest sounds. Maybe even only the words that are coming out of someones mouth. I’d like to argue that the background sounds are really what makes the story complete. These sounds usually tell you the mood of the story by getting louder usually displaying a more intense scene and softer when it levels out. They usually can tell us the scene taking place, for example if you hear bubbles or water trickling, you may imagine them to be on a boat or scuba diving because they are surrounded by water. Abumrad spoke in his video about the job of a storyteller and how it’s their job to create a circle of connection. One aspect of this is co-imagining and making sure your audience feels like you are talking to them specifically. In Moon Graffiti they explore a different option that could have happened when exploring the moon, if they crashed. They use the loud crash at about 1 minute 20 seconds to signify that a tragedy has happened, the long silence to represent a pause in sadness. At around 12 minutes and 30 seconds you can hear the large breaths and gaps resembling the beauty that they are taking in and how amazed they are.

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