Sound Effects Story

I found this assignment to be super fun yet challenging. As I said earlier, I have very little experience when it comes to audio recording and softwares. In fact I hate hearing myself talk and can’t work a computer to save my life. A bonus for me was that I could just use sound effects for this assignment. Although I don’t have much experience with editing software, I have a little bit of knowledge on Garage Band so for the purpose of this assignment I used that. I pulled sounds that resemble what I hear throughout most of my days. I got these sounds from the Free Sounds that our professor linked in the original assignment. My day starts off hearing an alarm clock each morning to wake me up. It is then followed by the sound (and smell) of my coffee brewing. After this my day consists of nannying a 3 year old which I chose to portray by a girl laughing. I then used a “car traffic” sound to represent me driving around running errands throughout the day. Finally, I added the noise of brushing teeth and getting ready for bed. Enjoy a day in the life of Kayla!

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  1. Totally agree with everything you said about using audio softwares. (I also hate listening to recordings of myself too. )
    I used the very limited knowledge I already had on Garage Band to complete the tasks this week.
    I think you sound effect story turned out well!
    Maeve R

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