There is no finish line….

The final week in this class is done and I am filled with mixed emotions. On one hand I am happy that the stress of online school is drawing to an end for now but sad that this class and it’s assignments are over. I have enjoyed the aspect of creativity in each assignment however I know that it doesn’t end here and there is no finish line. I have learned skills from this class that I will use for years to come and it has made me find new ways to be creative in my day to day life.

This week my partner Emily Howard and I went to work on our final project. Luckily, we were able to meet in person due to the fact that we’ve been quarantined together, props to everyone doing it with a partner virtually! As stated last week our topic is documenting a day of our life in quarantine. Last week we worked on writing assignments by creating journal entries about how we were feeling throughout this pandemic.

This week we wanted to introduce our two other types of media we would be using in this project, video and visual. We spent a day taking photos of things that we were doing and then shared them in order to merge them into a video. We created the video using Adobe video on an iPhone and added in background music to make it enjoyable to watch. We used a sound under the “uplifting” category in order to try and have a calming affect when viewers were watching it. We LOVE the finished product. After this we gathered photos of both positive and negative movements or issues that have began as a result of the pandemic. We wrote short paragraphs about the photos and what was being shown in them. You can view our full project here:

A Day in My Life During a Pandemic

I have really enjoyed this class and seeing everyones creative sides!




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