This Weeks Creativity

This week we were challenged again to complete 3 daily creates. As always, I found these very enjoyable. Most of them didn’t take longer than 5 minutes and I even got to draw some this week!

The first daily create that I got to do was find out what colors my name was. This was an interesting assignment but they gave us a very helpful link to look up the colors. Here are my results:

The next daily create I got to do was my absolute favorite. We were challenged to draw a picture in only black and white and post it. After this we were to take another persons drawing and color it in for them. I love to draw so getting to decide what my picture looked like and designing it was a blast. Here is my picture in black and white as well as the picture that I colored in:

Todays daily create was to take a picture of a table in front of us and do an inventory of what’s on it. This reminded me of the beauty in front of me. Early this morning while I was nannying I got to look at the beauty that was in front of me. There were dozens of roses, my iced coffee, a candle, and cupcakes left over from valentines day. Here is what I saw:

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