Week 3 is In The Books

This week we spent a lot of time writing, and writing, and writing. While writing has never quite been my strong suit I did enjoy this week. I liked the freedom that we had in picking which writing assignments we wanted to do and how creative we were allowed to be. I started off doing my daily creates since they only took a small portion of my day and the first few days of my week are always the busiest. I found these super fun. For your convenience I have created a post dedicated to this weeks daily creates and attached it below. My favorite one was when we got to explore the words that were created in the year I was born.

After this I worked on the Assignments in the Assignment bank and picked 4 assignments that I found the most intersting and that added up to a total of 12 stars. They are attached below. My favorite assignment that I did was the one titled Another Beautiful Day. I enjoyed this one because it reminded me how much I have to be thankful for. We live in a beautiful world.

After these I went back and read over the article “I link, therefore I am” for the second time and watched the video before I wrote a post about why the movie producer/writer of Sixteen Candles effectively told a story from the 80’s. It is attached below:

Throughout the week I have continued to comment on my classmates thoughtful daily creates as well as their blog posts. Each and every person has been thinking of some truly amazing stuff and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week.

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