Week 9 Recap

What a strange and out of the ordinary week this has been. I have really appreciated this “light week” as we have all been trying to process moving all of our classes online. This has also allowed me to put in more time and effort in the assignments that we did have. I started this week by responding to the 80’s crime radio show and sharing my experience listening to both that show as well as my own. This was very enjoyable as I got to see some of my fellow classmates work and get new ideas for the future. Read about my experience here:

Reflection on 80’s Crime Show

Next I brainstormed about some future project ideas that fit our classes theme of the 80’s. This wasn’t easy at first as I felt that all the ideas I had were already spoken on but after some research I feel very good about the following ideas:

Future Project Ideas

After this I wrote on how my daily creates connected. For me this week is all about happiness and spreading positivity in times of doubt and uncertainty. I think it’s safe to say this week has been strange for all of us and we could all use some positive things to talk about and some happy endings. Listen to the song in this post and tell me it doesn’t make you wanna smile:

Spreading Happiness and Sunshine

After this I got to work on my re-do’s. I chose to do a short clip of some sounds that make me feel relaxed. This has everything from pouring rain to a nice fire burning. Give this a listen and see if it relaxes you:

Relaxing Through the Crisis

The other re-do assignment that I chose to do was my future bucket list. I enjoyed this project very much but realized how simple it was and that I could make it more appealing and add in some more bucket list items. You can find my list here:

Things to do before I die

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